Ancient Olympia-Birthplace of Olympic Games

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Explore Ancient Olympia, Greece
Our guide to Olympia will have all you need to know about this important archaeological site. You’ll also be able to explore and check out the top attractions in the city, as well as find reviews & recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and more.
The land-based ancient Olympics took place here. The city of Olympia is located on the western end of the Peloponnese, and it hosts a variety of exciting sites dedicated to ancient Greece. These sports were held in honor of the Greek god Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder. The games included several athletic competitions held between all the city-states. It was a great honor for the city-state that gave champions, only awarded an olive branch.
Olympia is a gorgeous place with some fascinating sights. Temples to Zeus and Hera, the Ancient Stadium, the palaestra, and the workshop of Phidias are all places you should visit. Don’t miss out on seeing the Archaeological Museum in Olympia–they have an impressive and beautiful exhibit, including ancient artifacts.
Top Attractions Nearby Archaeological Site of Olympia
Archaeological Museum of Olympia
The Archaeological Museum of Olympia houses some of the most significant displays from the ancient world. Come to find some of the first-ever Olympic games, as well as artwork dating back thousands of years. The long history of Olympia will be displayed and remain a part of your life as you reminisce with family or friends. Olympia’s Archaeological Museum houses many interesting and vital finds from Greece’s past. The Sanctuary of Zeus museum is one of the most recognizable museums in Greece.
The museum is home to thousands of works of art from both the birthplace of the Olympic Games and historical eras. The history, art, and heritage of the birthplace of the Olympic Games are showcased through many masterpieces in this exhibition. So whether you’re into sculpture or painting, you’ll find something unique & fascinating here. The exhibits are displayed in chronological order from Prehistoric to Roman times and thematic order from Roman down to Prehistoric.
Olympic Botanical Garden
Along the footpath connecting the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, there are 58 different types of native plants, which represent the flora of Olympia and the regions around. The garden is more extensive than you would expect, with a range of plants that have been organized to make the best use of their decorative potential. There are signs at every plant’s location, providing vital information on their variety, soil, how often to water them, and what time of year is best for planting.
Just beyond the city walls, the open-air museum exhibits represent a sampling of what the surrounding area looked like during Antiquity. The Botanical Garden’s plant selection & propagation originally began from descriptions of the sanctuary of Olympia by ancient authors.
Archaeological Site of Elis
Elis was one of the largest archaeological-site sites in Antiquity and from that era. 60KM north of Olympia, it became the capital of a city-state called Elis on top of its location as an archaeological site.
The Elis Archaeological site is a hidden gem and offers a wide range of ancient and current-day structures that are fascinating to explore. This space provides visitors from near and far with an impressive experience. For the city, the acropolis was a sprawling area with consistency and variety in height. There was a space that offered an open view of the environment for the wide streets and bathhouses while condensing it all into geographic zones.
The Archaeological Museum also has an exciting collection of artifacts discovered during excavations. You may visit and take a look, too! You can see inscriptions, statues, pottery, reliefs, architectural members, and figurines dating back to the Hellenic period of the Roman era.
Kyllene and Clarentia
Kyllene was the oldest harbor in Elis, which served as its main port. It was here that all preparations were made to host the Olympic Games. Greeks used continental roads and sea routes to participate in the largest festival of Zeus, the Ancient Olympic Games. The ships were sailing towards their destination, carrying people and supplies.
The port of Kyllene served as the main gateway, which visitors had to pass before experiencing the event of Panhellenic. Also, if you are here don’t forget to visit the medieval fortress remains near the port. The area has lots to offer. It has resorts, beaches, cafeterias, and restaurants for all interests with many monuments! It also houses many monuments, like the Statue of Liberty.
Archimedes’ Museum in Olympia
This museum showcases the contribution of ancient Greek mathematicians, astronomers, engineers. Archimedes was a vital physicist, mathematician & inventor. The museum in Olympia is one of the many associated learning spaces like the Ancient Greek Technology or the Museum of Ancient Greek.
The Archimedes’ museums attract thousands of foreign, especially international, tourists every year. Some models show Greek traditional inventions are just the same as things we use today! This tour of ancient technology will highlight this similarity, which we believe proves that these older people were a lot more like us than many historical researchers believe. Most exhibits will be accompanied by clear audio and video material, including labels, diagrams, posters, and bibliographical references.
Katakolo and ancient Pheia
It is a picturesque port near the city of Pyrgos with other important tourism destinations nearby and a primary gateway to the archaeological site of Olympia. Moreover, Pheia and Sunken city are just adjacent to the port. Together, you get to experience so much and discover new places.
Other points of attraction in Katakolo are the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, which showcases different inventions and devices from ancient Greece, and the traditional lighthouse, which was built in 1865.
The Chlemoutsi Castle
This medieval castle has a fantastic view of the surrounding area, and it is an excellent location for an ancestor or history-related tour.
The Chlemoutsi Castle is a medieval castle in Chlemoutsi, Greece. Built-in the 13th century, it belonged to the Byzantine Empire. In 1822, it was captured by the Greek War of Independence forces during the Greek War of Independence and became one of Greece’s National Monuments.
In addition to its historical value, The Chlemoutsi Castle is also an important cultural site with a great architectural history and preserved ancient buildings that have been restored. This is a traditional castle from the Byzantine era, which has been beautifully restored and will not disappoint any history buff or architecture enthusiast.
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