Guide to a private tour in Greece

Greece is the land of fantasies and fairy tales. You set your foot in this country and a new journey starts for you. Greece has the potential to mesmerise you with its everlasting and
enchanting beauty, its eye-catching monuments, and its lavishing sceneries and of course the amiable environment. You can make a guided or a private tour to all the places in Greece.
Private tour allows you to have the luxury of time and comfort in your hand.
Here is a complete guide to these private tours that are offered by the company named Enjoy Greece Tours:
Things to consider while choosing a private tour in Greece:
Choose the package:
For any visitor, it is essential that you choose the private tour package according to your needs and plans. You can choose the places that you are going to visit along with the number of days that you are going to stay in Greece.
Transportation and hotel:
The travel pages also include the stay in a hotel of your choice as well as the transportation. It is hard to get along with the taxi drivers in a new city. Enjoy Greece Tours allow you to have transportation from your airport to the hotel and all the places that you are intending to visit during your stay in the country.
Private thematic tours:
Want to add luxury to your tours, then opt for the thematic tours. You can choose the Christian tour, Jewish tour, Relaxing tours that allow you to relax on the beaches of Athens, and wine tours that allow you to take a tour of every vineyard in Greece and relish your tongues with the flavors of the enchanting wines made in Greece. All these tours are private and you can choose the places related to each tour according to your will.
Places that you can visit in Greece:
Here is a list of cities that you can visit while you are staying in Greece. The travel company offers multi day tours of many cities. Have a deeper insight onto this topic:

  • Delphi-Meteora (2 Days)
  • Argolis–Olympia (2 Days)
  • Corinth–Mycenae–Nafplion-Epidaurus–Olympia (2 Days)
  • Sparta-Olympia (2Days)
  • Mainland (4 Days)
  • Argolis-Sparta- Delphi (3 Days)

The multi-day tours are a great opportunity to look deep into the beauty of these cities. Besides this, these tours are guided by the tour guides s you will learn a lot about the history of these cities.
You can have a private tour of a specific city as well. In Athens, you can visit all the monuments within the city in a couple of days. The places that you can visit are:

  • Ancient Corinth (4 hrs.)
  • Nemea region (8 hrs.)
  • Sounio sunset at Cape Sounio (4 hrs.)
  • Marathon
  • Athens at Night

Enjoy Greece Tours provide you great opportunity to relish the sceneries and beauty of Greece.
You can have a luxury private tour within an affordable price range and that too according to your choice. This company is the best in Greece to choose as your traveling companion.