Thoughts and ideas for private tours in Athens Greece

How have you dreamed of your visit to Greece? Do you feel drawn into the charm of Ancient Greece and would love to step foot on the land that gave birth to endless fables, myths, legends, and epic poems, like the Iliad? Walk into oracles, where people’s fate was sealed, such as the Oracle of Delphi, and temples of ancient Greek Gods, including the Olympian Zeus and Athena? Lay eyes on iconic landmarks of the ancient world that have marked mankind with their significance, such as the Panathenian Stadium which housed the first Olympic Games back in 1896?
Perhaps, you fancy combining some Old World allure with modern romance, as well as tours to other emblematic sights outside Athens City. Lay eyes on some fo the most arresting and heart-stopping sunset views while tasting local cuisine and some of the finest wines and ouzo mezedes.

It doesn’t matter how you have envisioned your stay here. Enjoy Greece Tours has a tour package to satisfy your requirements and even go above and beyond your expectations. Let us guide you or drive you to fantastic settings that will allow you to live the full Greek experience. Whatever that means!

Just choose the tour package that suits your needs and sit back. We will take it from there and give you and your loved ones a once-in-a lifetime adventure.

Private Tours in Athens #1: Touring Athens City
This could either be a 4-hour or 8-hour tour to the most popular sites of the Greek capital. It includes visits to the:

Acropolis (and all temples surrounding this monument, such as the Temple of Athena Nike, the Odeon of Herodotus Atticus, the Mars Hills, and the Erectheion).

Temple of the Olympian Zeus (the largest temple in ancient Greece)

Panathenian Stadium (housed the first Olympic Games in 1896)

Memorial of the Unknown Soldier.

Greek Parliament (you’ll be also able to see the changing of the Guards).

Plaka neighbourhood (the oldest and most scenic Athens region).

Monastiraki street (the Flea Market).

Athens Trilogy – Comprises of the National Greek Library, the First University of Athens, and the Academy.

Lycabettus Hill (the best point for panoramic views of Athens and the Aegean Sea).

Ancient Greek Agora (aka Roman Agora) – This is part of the 8-hour tour and also includes a visit to the temple of Hephaestus, the enchanting orthodox church of St. Catherine, and the Stoa of Attalos.

New Acropolis Museum – This is also part of the 8-hour tour.

Note: A stop to grab a bite and enjoy the tastes of the local Greek cuisine at world-famous restaurants or picturesque taverns serving mouth-watering dishes is also an option. Ask us for more details.

Private Tours in Athens #2: Historical Tours
This private tour involves several stops to iconic places, such as:

The Acropolis complex (includes the Propylaia, Temple of Athena, Erectheion, Parthenon, and more).

Areios Pagos (aka Mars Hills), where Saint Paul first preached about Christianity in Athens.

Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Panathenian Stadium

Memorial of the Unknown Soldier outside the Greek parliament (you will also get to see the changing of the Guards).

The Athens Academy

The National Greek Library

Lycabettus Hill (the most picturesque spot in Athens located at its highest point).

The scenic Plaka neighbourhood with the prestigious Flea Market (aka Monastiraki).

The New Acropolis Museum.

Private Tours in Athens #3: The Oracle of Delphi Tour
In ancient times, the Delphi Oracle was one of the most sacred precincts in Greece that served as a seat of a major oracle and high priestess of the Apollo Temple at Delphi, named Pythia. People from all over Greece, including royals and common humans, would visit the oracle to get answers. Whenever an important decision had to be made in and ancient Greek world, the Oracle of the Delphi was the place to visit.

Set in the heart of a formidable mountain landscape, it gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty and, at the same time, experience local life, discover modern wonders, and explore past splendours, away from touristic cliches. We will also take you to the imposing sites revealed by the 1892 excavations of the Apollo Sanctuary, including The French Archaeological School of Athens, the Theatre, the Polygonal wall, the Naxian Sphinx at the Delphi Museum, and the Temple of Apollo – a once Athenian treasury house

Expect to be left in awe after visiting this impressive archaeological site and UNESCO-protected monument. This ancient hub of spirituality is worth a high place on your must-visit list. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Now, if you wish to complete this tour in the best possible way, why not savour traditional local cuisine at the magnificent Delphi Caldera while gazing fetching vistas of the lush landscape?

Other Delphi Tours
Saint Lucas Monastery
Besides the historical jewels at the Delphi Oracle, you may even combine your tour with visits to some Delphi highlights, such as Saint Lucas monastery, a masterpiece of byzantine architecture and art. Let’s travel back in time and figure out how everyday life looked like for the ancient Greeks. Expect to be enchanted by the perfectly preserved ancient art exhibited at the local museum. As for the 11th-century monastery, it comprises of two impressive churches, decorated with breath-taking mosaic that demonstrate the richness of the byzantine court.

The place that hosted the legendary Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 soldiers led by King Leonidas of Sparta fought against the thousands of the Persian Empire of Xerxes. IT is also home to the cavernous entranced to the Under World (aka The Gates of Fire or Castalia Hot Springs). Be captivated by the proudly standing brass statue of King Leonidas with his shield and spear (erected in 1955) and the renowned baths of Thermopylae, whose incredibly healing properties drove thousands of Greeks for balneotherapy treatments everyday.

The plane of the Marathon Battlefield (one of the two most important battlefields of the Persian Wars), the Archaeological Museum, with the prehistoric cemetery, the Timulus of the Athenians, and the artificial lake of Marathon (the primary water reservoir for Athens) and its magnificent dam (a wonder in modern mechanic constructions) on the slopes of Mountain Penteli are some of the stops worth making during a Marathon tour.

Other Private Tours in Athens to Combine with Your Tour
Athens Food Tour – Let our expert food guides walk you through the local central market of Athens, which is home to family-run tavernas, restaurants, bakeries, and patisseries serving delicious traditional Greek cuisine and delicacies you don’t want to miss out on!

Private Taxi Service – If you prefer to have a taxi tour and hop on and off whenever you feel like it, then this tour is cut for you. We will make all the arrangements for a fantastic private tour via taxi service to visit from historical monuments to other sites of your preferences. Just let us know!

Athens by Night – Get a taste of the vibrant Athens night scene with a panoramic evening tour and enjoy from dinner shows to spectacular views of major Athens attractions with an air-conditioned coach. See how iconic landmarks, such as the Temple of Zeus and the Parthenon are so beautifully floodlit against the night Mediterranean sky while tasting traditional dishes at a local taverna, sipping your cocktail at a scenic bar in the old Plaka district or dance to the rhythms of Greek Syrtaki!

Sunset Tours – Watch the sun sliding behind the horizon from Sounio, perhaps the most idyllic location in Athens providing romantic sunset views.

Private Tours in Athens #4: Tours in the Peloponnese
Ancient Corinth
Let us take you around the ancient town of Corinth – one of the richest cities in ancient Greece. We will explore the famous Corinth Canal, the ancient market place (aka Agora), and, of course, the 6th-century BC Temple of Apollo. Be ready to be swept away by the enchanting views over the Canal and the beauties of the old Kechreai port as we follow the footsteps of Saint Paul

Daphni Monastery
Expect to be overwhelmed by the impressive 11th-century Byzantine monastery and its magnificent mosaics that tell stories from the life of Virgina Mary and Christ. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a stop at Daphni Monastery is a must in every religious tour (and not only).

Nemea Region
Besides a breathtaking scenery and dramatic mythology, this Nemea tour is also filled with delicious Greek food and exquisite wines. Feel free to enjoy a decadent day-trip (or part of a multi-day package if you wish) in a region that is regarded as the epitome of Greek viticulture. Here, you will find from balsamic vinegar production and organic grape farming to imposing archaeological sites, such as the Temple of Nemean Zeus and the 330 BC Ancient Stadium. Award-winning wines, including the world-renowned deep ruby red variety of Agiorgitiko with the smooth finish, and tasty traditional Greek dishes await to complete an already fulfiling day in Greece!

The city of Mycenae was a key contributor to ancient Greek culture and civilisation during the Bronze Age. Let us drive you to the remains of ancient Mycenae, where you can admire the historical setting of the works of Homer, alongside other significant ancient Greek literature. The tomb of King Agamemnon and the Lionesses Gate stand proud reminders of glorious days that go back to 1600 BC.

One of the most scenic towns in Greece, and probably the world. Naflpion, or the city of Nafplia, was the first Greek capital and took its name after Poseidon’s son, Nafplios. It is also home to local Trojan War hero, Palamidis, who is believed to have invented lighthouses, measures, the first Greek alphabet, and weights. The once powerful city is like a living museum for those loving archaeological sites of supreme historical interest. While here, the fortified islet of Bourtzi, the magestic Argolic Gulf, and the Venetian Fortress of Palamidi are sights that should not be missed for their heart-stopping vistas and natural beauties.

Notorious for its magnificent Hellenic theatre (the acoustics are simply outstanding here), Epidaurus is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Considered to be the birthplace of Asklepios, a renowned healer of the time and Apollo’s son, no wonder Epidaurus was once one of the most important healing centers in ancient Greece. If you are lucky enough, you may run into an open-air theatrical performance, of the many that take place in Epidaurus theatre every summer.

A charming Byzantine town in the Peloponnese and home to unique sights. Here, you will havr the chance to see the preserves of both ordinary houses, palaces, and mansion of the Byzantine Empire and medieval churches that stand proud reminders of a once utterly glorious city. Some of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture include the Palace of the Despots and the Cathedral of St. Dimitrios. Not to be missed are the monasteries of Our Lady Perivleptos and Our Lady Pantanassa that draw thousands of visitors every year, pilgrims and tourists alike. The setting is beyond dreamy!

Founded in the 9th century, Sparta grew into the most powerful city in ancient Greece, much renowned and feared for its supreme military forces. The Spartans were believed to be the harshest, best, and most well trained soldiers in ancient Greece that stood against the most outnumbered army with unconceivable courage each and every time. The Valley of Keada is believed to be the place where they would threw criminals and traitors off a rugged cliff. While here, don’t forget to stop by the Museum of Olive Oil – it is definitely worth it, as the region is notorious for its great olive oils!

Visit the very birthplace of the Olympic Games and feel the chilling original race track site where the first Olympics were held and feel your heart leap with awe. Expect to be taken aback by the aura if the past glory that distinguishes the place the moment you will step foot inside the track. Other must-visit sights include the sanctuary of Zeus and, of course, splendid archaeological museum of Olympia and the Museum of the Games. The latter will introduce you to a wonderful storyline that narrates the history of the ancient Olympic Games through modern times via a magnificent collection of artifacts. Even if you are here for the ride, the views will reward you for sure!

A picturesque city in the Peloponnese with a scenic port located in Fokida, Greece. Galaxidi is only a short drive from Delphi, Nafpaktos, Arachova, and Itea, which makes it a very popular tourist destination especially among those seeking short escapes from Athens. With a long history that counts over 4000 years. The naval city of Galaxidi has managed to survive raids by Turks, Catalans, Fransks, and Slavs. Today, the Naval & Ethnological Museum is the living proof of the rich history that surrounds Galaxidi. Some of the sights worth exploring include the settlement’s windmill (the panoramas are incredible), Agios Nikolaos church (the wooden temple inspires awe), and Agia Paraskevi church with its distinguishing sun dial. And, before we forget, the wines here are absolutely delicious!

With an unbeatable fairytale vibe and Medieval charm, the Venetian port of Nafpaktos entices with its lush green landscape, amazing seascapes, beautiful beaches, and many sights that speak of the place’s rich history. Historically speaking, Nafpaktos is famous for the 1571 Battle of Lepanto, rememberings of which are still present at the Nafpaktos Museum of Botsaris. Besides the lovely port, the little town of Nafpaktos is also a marvellous sight as it is home to an imposing Venetian castle that occupies the hill above the small city, taking the breath of those that visit it with its stupendous views. The statues of Cervantes and Anemogiannis, two local heroes, as well as the church of Prophet Elias are must-visit for sure. Feel up for a road trip The seaside villages of Olympia, Delphi, and Messolonghi are just a short drive away!

Imposing Monemvasia with its characteristic morphology (being, in reality, a huge slab of rock amidst the sea) impresses with its steep hills and natural beauties. It is considered the single most alluring traditional medieval town that is inhabited and rests within the walls of a Venetian castle. Linked to the mainland by a narrow causeway, it welcome visitors with numerous churches, vaults, low arches, narrow cobblestone lanes, old mansion, castles, coats of arms, Byzantine icons, and imperial marble thrones. As if time has never passed since the early Medieval times, you will instantly feel drawn into its allure.

Private Tours in Athens #4: Meteora Tour
Whether you choose a Meteora sunset or daytime tour, you will absolutely love it! What is not to like about Meteora after all? This awe-inspiring place with the breath-taking scenery and monasteries built on steep cliff edges is also home to the majestic Virgin Mary church, a Byzantine gem made in the early Christian period. Located in the city of Kalambaka, the Virgin Mary speaks of the town’s 27-century history. Feel free to climb high up on the rocks of Meteora and admire the construction of monasteries like Agios Stefanos that look as if lingering onto the very edge of the cliffs. Not that appropriate clothing is required to enter the monasteries. So, ladies should not come with mini skirts or short sleeves while men need to wear trousers rather than shorts. And, as you climb those steps up to the Meteora hills, do take a moment to soak up all the beauty that surrounds you. The views are panoramic and can stop your heart for sure.

Want to visit a place not listed here? No problem. Just give us a call or contact us and let’s discuss how we can customise our tours for you! You deserve the best experiences while visiting Greece. And, we know exactly what that means!