Meteora Monasteries Travel Guide: What You Need To Know

Are you considering taking a vacation to Greece? Then the next thing you need is a plan on Athens tour in a place rich in history and heritage. Yes, it’s one of the oldest places on earth dating back to 700 BC. There are a lot of pleasantries on offer for tourists from around the globe. Now, one of the best places you ought to visit in Greece is the Meteora Monasteries. Found in Central Greece, Meteora hosts one of the largest yet precariously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox. Previously 24 in number but now reduced to six active sites, Meteora Monasteries are built atop cliffs as the initial plan was to protect the monks from the enemies. There is a lot to see and talk about this destination; thus, we have compiled a quick guide for you!

Meteora Monasteries Quick Travel Guide

Best time to visit Meteora
You really want to hurry up and get to look at the monasteries hanging in the air from the cliffs. Looking at them alone is a fantastic sight that gives any tourist adrenaline rush. So, what’s the best time to visit this beauty?
Well, the destination is a big attraction in Greece. So you will never miss a fleet of cars arriving to drop tourists who travel from every corner of the world to visit monasteries. In other words, you can visit all year round, depending on your travel plans. If you don’t want a lot of overcrowding though, the best time would be to visit around late spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). If you are a fan of a buzz of activity and tourists, then we recommend summer when the Monasteries will have lots of visitors. So plan and get things right on your Athens trip.

Getting to Meteora
Driving to Meteora from Athens city is the easiest way to get there. It is far more convenient to enlist the services of tour companies that organize logistics for private tours in Athens. This will give you a nice tour experience compared to other options like group bus tours in Athens. At Enjoy Green Tours, that’s exactly what we do! We will handle all your private travel needs and make the journey to and from Meteora the most exciting you ever experienced.
Approximately 7 hours from Athens, you will enjoy stops at the historic battlefield of Thermopylae, before proceeding towards Trikala. Perhaps you should know that this is this place where the independence of Greece was won from the enemies. That makes a whole historical significance. Off from Trikala to Karditsa, and maneuvering to Kastaki past Kalambaka, you will have arrived at the iconic Meteora Monasteries. That’s an easy way to start accomplishing your plans of going on private tours in Athens.

Getting Around Meteora
Once you get to Meteora, your journey has just begun! Usually, getting around Meteora is fun and all easy in a private tour service. We will take you around from one Monastery to another as part of guided tour service. You will have the chance to admire some wonderful, panoramic view of the monasteries. You will also get an opportunity to sample some of the famous Greek cuisine as you tour. In fact, our tour guide will help you experience the traditional tavern at Kalambaka or Kastraki. You will sample a variety of flavors out of the most popular Greek dishes.

What to pack and dress for Meteora
It is worth remembering that during most visiting seasons, the weather is usually hot and even more so during summer. As such, do not forget to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses. You will also realize that enough water is essential for your comfort as you will need to rehydrate and take care of the excess sweating, especially if you’ll be walking from one monastery to another.
Don’t forget a camera, unless you don’t want to keep fantastic memories you will have in Greece. If you intend to capture the cinematic sceneries of the monasteries on the cliff, then a good camera that captures phenomenal photos in low light will do the job.
What about clothes to wear? Well, the Meteora Monasteries are places of worship as much as they are attractions. It is therefore expected that all ladies follow strict dress code by wearing long dresses that cover below their knees. There are no shorts or trousers allowed for ladies. Huh! That’s not difficult. But in case you happen to forget to pack a dress, no problem! There are dresses offered in the short term at the entrance of each monastery. Also, it’s important to note that no off-shoulder attire is allowed, just for convenience. For men, trousers are a good fit, although shorts that go below the knees are also allowed.

Where to stay in Meteora
It is recommended that you spare a day or two for the visit if you are to make the most of your tour to the monasteries. If that is your plan, then you will need to organize for a good night stay in the neighbouring hotels within the vicinity of Meteora. There are some top hotels and places to stay available in the neighbourhood for virtually all budgets. You can also stay in Athens and even spice up your tour experience with other activities. In other words, our private tour Athens can take you to Meteora and back to the full blown city life!

Tour Meteora Monasteries, Have Fun!
Now that you know the nitty-gritty of the journey to the Meteora Monasteries, it is time down to planning and visiting. You can’t afford to miss a historical moment to visit the magnificent Monasteries on the cliff when you are in Athens. And the easiest way to do it? Well, plan an Athens private tour! You will certainly have lots of fun in the Meteora monasteries!