Jewish Tour (Full Day)

Your private tour will start from Athens or the Piraeus port and the driver will take you firstly to the most religious place in Athens of the Jewish community, which are the Old (1904 )and the New (1935) Synagogue. You can also visit the memorial of the Holocaust behind the Synagogues as well as the Ancient cemetery of Keramikos (8th century BC).

Then we will drive through Thesio and Plaka (the oldest neighborhood in Athens) to reach the Jewih museum, which is a clear proof of the Jewish culture in Greece It’s one of the most important Jewish museums in Europe, with items from the Holocaust, and collections of Hebrew books and artifacts . It was established by Nickolas Stavroulakis in 1977 to preserve the material culture of Jews.

Now it’s time to drive to the Acropolis site, one of the most important religious places in Greece.

The Acropolis site is a complex of buildings that includes the Parthenon (main temple), Erectheion (the temple with the 6 female figurers, Karyatides), Temple of Athena Nike (Wingless Godess), Propylaia (the monumental Gate), Odeon of Herodus Atticus, Dionysus theater and finally the Mars Hill or Areios Pagos (the first ancient court and the place that St. Paul preached the Christianity for the fist time in Athens).

Then, you will see the Syntagma square and the Greek Parliament (ex Royal Palace). Here you can watch the changing of the Guards, Euzones (the well armored soldiers) .

After that let’s see the Trilogy of Athens (the Academy, the First University of Athens and the National Greek Library) and finally the Lycabettus Hill (the highest point of Athens)and don’t forget to take some pictures and a memory in your mind and heart of the entire city.

When its time for lunch get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch;the tour will guide you to a traditional Athens restaurant or tavern.It’s up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes.

After lunch, enjoy a visit at the New Acropolis Museum where you can see the marbles of the Parthenon and a superb collection of artifacts and relics found on the Acropolis excavations or the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, almost twice the size of the previous one that houses some of the most important artifacts from a variety of archaeological locations not only Greece, but Middle East and the Balkans as well from prehistory to late antiquity .

  • Athens
  • Old Synagogue
  • New Synagogue
  • Holocaust memorial
  • Plaka
  • Jewish museum
  • Acropolis site
  • Syntagma
  • Greek Parliament
  • Changing of the Guards
  • University of Athens
  • Academy of Athens
  • National Greek Library
  • Lycabettus Hill
  • New Acropolis Museum OR the National Archaeological museum.

Duration: Full Day

The Old Synagogue is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
The New Synagogue is closed on Saturdays.
The Jewish museum is closed on Saturdays.

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