Private tour in Athens, Dafni & Penteli Monasteries (6hrs)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This tour runs on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Your private tour starts after picking you up from our meeting place to Penteli monastery which was established in 1578 by Saint Timotheus. It contains a museum and a remarkable library while it is known to have been a Secret School “Krifo Scholio” during our Turkish occupation where the children secretly met with the priest to be taught. There are catacombs where an exhibition is organized dedicated to the Education of that time. Also, a scene of this schooling is represented with info about the great Teachers of the Nation and their contribution to the salvation of the Greek alphabet, history and general education.
Our next visit is to Dafni monastery which was initially the sanctuary of Apollo Daphnaios and was destroyed by the Goths in 395 AD. There is still an Ionic column standing whereas the rest were removed and transported to London by Lord Elgin. The first monastery was founded in the 6th century AD whereas the second phase of its construction was in the 11th century. The second part is still preserved with superb mosaics and marble slabs.
The area was awarded to Othon de la Roche, the Lord of Athens, in 1204 and in 1207 the monastery was taken over by the Cisterian monks who altered it partially. In 1458, it was returned to the Orthodox Church and was re-occupied by Orthodox monks who also made alterations to the buildings. During the Greek Revolution, it was used as a garrison. In 1838-39 Bavarian troops settled on the site and in 1883-85 it was used as a lunatic asylum. It suffered severe damage by earthquakes in 1889, 1897 and 1999.
Our tour ends by dropping you off back at our meeting point.

  • Penteli monastery
  • Dafni monastery

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