Sparta – Olympia (2 Days)

Day 1: Athens, Corinth Canal, Sparta, Mystras – Olympia

Your private 2 days tour will start from Athens and drive you through a scenic and beatiful landscape inside the Peloponnese peninsula.Our first stop is the magnificent structure of the Corinth Canal, which is in Peloponnese, the southern peninsula of Greece. The Canal connects the Saronic with the Corinthian Gulf in the Aegean Sea.A dream of the ancients, that came true in 1893. Time for rest and some amazing photos above the Canal.

Then drive towards Sparta, The home of the brave Spartans. Don’t be desatisfied with the place, because the Spartans invest on their military NOT in their culture, that’s why they became so fearless. They were following the “Agogi” system, training from their 7th year till their 30th age to be SOLDIERS. That was their profession !There are some cultural structures mainly built from the Romans on the 1st century AD, when they captured the city.

You will visit the archaeological site, where is the Acropolis of Sparta ,olive trees and columns that prove the greatness of the city once. Have some great photos in front of King Leonidas Statue, who fought the Persian army in Thermopylae along with his 300 men. Then , you will visit the archaeological and the oil museum.

When you feel hungry get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch;the tour will guide you to a traditional tavern at the small village of Mystras.It’s up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes . Mystras was one of the last Byzantine Outposts and the place that Constantinos Palaiologos, last Byzantine emperor lived.

Situated on the mount Taygetos, near to ancient Sparta and served the capital of the Byzintine Despotate of Morea in the 14th and 15th centuries.Very serious fortification buildings and churches can be found there from that time.

There you will visit the palace and the monasteries in Mystras, beginning from the Fortress Gate and ending at the Main Gate.

After that, we will drive to Olympia and overnight there.

Day 2: Olympia, Return to Athens

Ancient Olympia is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in Classical times. There you will visit both the archaeological site and choose between Archaeological Museum of Olympia with a great amound of artifacts and statues in it, and the Museum of the Olympic Games.

The Games were held every 4 years from the 8th century BC untill 4th century AD.

You will visit the Temple of Zeus, Pelopion the stadium, the Temple of Hera, the Phillipeion, the Phidias workshop and many other structures that worth your attention.You can feel the aura of the Olympic Games, fighting on the Pallestra or running around the stadium and understand why ancients took so seriously the cultivation of body, mind and soul.

When you feel hungry get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch.the tour will guide you to a traditional restaurant or tavern.It’s up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes.

After your lunch at Olympia, we will drive back to Athens.

  • Athens
  • Corinth Canal
  • Sparta
  • Mystras
  • Olympia

Duration: 2 Days

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