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Delphi – Meteora (2 Days)

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Private 2 Day Tour in Delphi and Meteora

Day 1: Athens, Livadeia, Arachova, Delphi , Lamia, Trikala, Karditsa, Meteora

Your private 2 days tour will start from your hotel or your cruise ship,passing by some scenic countryside places.You will pass by Livadeia and Thebes, both great ancient cities.Our first stop is the pictursque village of Arachova , which is the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece, for its ski center.A breathtaking mountainous landscape with a fantastic village full of modern tourism facilities.

Then let's drive to Delphi the next stop, where you'll visit both the archaelogical site with the ancient theatre, and museum. Delphi is the first touristic attraction of the antiquity, as it was busy all the year round. It was the place God Apollo had his sanctuary,that the prophesis were given to every man, every prince, general and king by Pythia the High Priestess.It was the center of the universe, according to Zeus, king of the Gods.

You will visit the Oracle of Apollo, the Omfalos, the temple of Athena Pronaia, Kastaleia Spring and see some magnificent artifacts and statues, such as Eniochos the charioteer, the twin Brothers and Sphynx of Naxos.

When you feel hungry get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch.the tour will guide you to a traditional restaurant or tavern.It's up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes . We will lunch there with a great view of mountain Parnassus and Itea.

Later on, we 'll drive to Meteora. Free Leisure time and overnight on Kalambaka or Kastraki.

Day 2: Meteora, Thermopylae, Return to Athens

After your breakfast you will visit the monasteries of Meteora. They come second in relegious importance and size after mount Athos in orthodox christianity.

Meteora means "middle of the sky", "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above" and the monasteries are built on high pillars at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece after the 11th century and on and they were never abondoned as there live monks and nuns up today. The monasteries are: St. Nicolas, Grande Meteoro, Varlaam, Rousannou, Holy Trinity and St. Stephen.

There you will visit up to 3 monasteries, depends on the day and you,admire the wonderful, panoramic view and when you feel hungry get ready to taste the famous Greek cuisine and have a memorable lunch.the tour will guide you to a traditional tavern at Kalambaka or Kastraki..It's up to you to choose from a variety of flavors of the most known Greek dishes .

Our next stop is the battlefield of Thermopylae or Hotgates and the Hot Springs, where King Leonidas and the 300 brave Spartans gave their lives for the freedom of Greece. Honor and Glory was their moto. They achived both, as their memory lasts for ever.

After that religious and historical experience, it is time to return back to Athens.
  • Athens
  • Livadeia
  • Arachova
  • Delphi
  • Lamia
  • Trikala
  • Karditsa
  • Meteora
  • Thermopylae
Duration: 2 Days

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Delphi – Meteora (2 Days)

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