The Best Athens Private Tours of 2022

The best Athens private tours of 2022

Athens has a lot to offer, and Greece as a whole is recognized as one of the most famous vacation spots in Europe. The country offers visitors breathtaking views and sceneries, nice beaches and seaside resorts and an unforgettable sightseeing experience.

The city of Athens is one of the top places you must visit when coming to Greece, with its astounding landmarks and buildings that include:

– The Acropolis: This ancient citadel was built more than 2500 years ago. It’s one aspect most often associated with the Greek capital. Many people want to see it at least once before they die.

– The Temple of Zeus: This beautiful monument dates back from BC and represents the largest temple ever built in ancient Greece. The Parthenon was built on the same site, which is why many people mistakenly think that this was its name in antiquity.

– Ancient Agora: The old market place of Athens is one of the best preserved public spaces from Ancient Greece. It has been used for various purposes over time and it’s now a great place for walking.

– The Roman Forum of Athens: although the Athenians built their forum before the Romans did, they modeled theirs after it. You can see some nice plazas and fountains there even today.

– Temple of Olympian Zeus: It’s safe to say that this is one of the most impressive temples in all of Greece, and for good reason. Its design is particularly impressive and it’s the best-preserved ancient temple in Athens.

Attend a concert at an ancient theater: The Theater of Dionysus was the most famous theater in the Athenian world and is still used for musical concerts today. There are also some permanent exhibitions here that are worth checking out.

– Enjoy the view at Filopappou Hill: Located just west of the Acropolis, this park is one of the best spots in Athens for taking in views of the entire city and also has some nice ruins, including a Roman tower you can climb up which offers an even better perspective.

– See more of the ancient world at the National Archaeological Museum: This is one of Greece’s top museums and features a huge collection of ancient artifacts from all over Greece.

– Relax in Monastiraki Square : Just south of Plaka, this square is popular with locals as it has some great cafes and restaurants, but also offers beautiful views of the Acropolis.

– See an art gallery or museum that reflects your taste: There are many wonderful museums scattered around Athens that reflect different periods in history. Visit a modern art gallery or perhaps even learn about ancient Greek culture at the Benaki museum .

– Sample delicious food at Psiri Market : Inside the old market hall here you’ll find countless places to eat inside including tavernas, meze bars, ouzeries and even some vegetarian options.

– Enjoy live music at Stoa Athanaton : This colonnaded walking street often comes alive with the sound of bouzouki musicians, singers or other acts that play for its visitors.

– Visit Athens’ most picturesque park : Ahh, Philopappos Hill… this was once a place where ancient Athenians would bring their dogs to enjoy an evening stroll. Today it’s home to one of the best hikes in Athens as well as being a great spot to see flowers blooming everywhere you look!

– Watch the sunset over Mount Lycabettus: The highest point in Athens county is just behind Kolonaki Square but is still only around 150 meters high. Still, its proximity to Athens’ built-up center makes it a great spot for admiring the city’s sunset.

The best thing about Greece is that they have an ancient culture in which you can explore at your leisure in a way that will make a lasting impression on you and your family. One of the only countries in the world to have been around since classical times, this is one place where time stands still just enough for you to soak up all its treasures without feeling overwhelmed by too much modernity. In fact, there is so much history here that even just visiting some of the most well known attractions will take more than a few days! Lucky for you, we have taken care of transportation from airport transfers , flights , and hotels so that you can get your bearings before setting out for the best private tours in athens.

So, where should you go? Many of our guests are interested in visiting the Acropolis , which is also known as the Citadel of Athens because it was built on top of a hill called “The Rock.” You’ll recognize it by its large white columns. Another must-see would be the Ancient Agora . This marketplace was once home to temples, sanctuaries, theaters, treasuries, law courts and more. It’s one of the most important historical sites in all of Greece! After exploring these ancient ruins, take your family to see what life in modern Greece is like when you leave athens behind for some shopping and dining in the largest shopping mall and entertainment center in the Balkans.

With so much natural beauty, culture and history packed into such a modern city, it’s no wonder athens has been an important destination for thousands of years. The best way to see what this unique city is all about is with private tours from Enjoy Greece Tours! We offer dozens of scheduled as well as private tours to all areas of Greece , plus nearby destinations like Istanbul . Our team of licensed tour guides will take you on a personal journey through celebrated attractions as well as hidden gems that only those who live here truly know.

You’ll understand why athens has captured imaginations for so long. This neoclassical masterpiece was completed in 438 B.C., and it’s understandable why people would come from all corners of the known world to view it. Other must-see sites include the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch and Panathenaic Stadium . Your athens private tour can also take you through major archaeological digs like Keramikos , where you might uncover lost treasures like vases or jewelry dating back thousands of years!

hese tours are also great for getting insider tips about everything Athens has to offer. Our private guides love this city as much as they love sharing its best secrets with visitors. From the top restaurants and hidden cafes to secret beaches, they know what it takes to show you a good time in this wonderful place!

Athens is best experienced with a private guide at your side.

The first Olympic Games were held at Panathenaic Stadium , and since then the stadium has hosted countless other sporting events . It’s still in use today, with many sporting events held at the stadium every year.

If you want to stroll through the most crowded areas of Athens, by all means join a walking tour or city center stroll. But if you really want an un-stuffed experience, consider booking one of our private tours.

These truly personalized tours are great for individuals and families alike!

Tourists come from all over the world to see amazing works of art like these ones at The National Archaeological Museum . We highly recommend that you book your own private tour when visiting this museum. These visits can be scheduled alongside other types of sightseeing tours in Athens , such as the popular Acropolis Tour .

Athens private tours are especially great for artists, writers, students, photography fanatics, and history buffs. Just let us know what interests you! We can plan a private tour of Athens , taking you to the places you want to see the most.

With our private services, we’ll provide:
• Private guide and transport throughout your private in-depth discovery of Athens and its surrounding areas
• Personalized pick up from all major transportation hubs or hotels
• Any sort of accommodation if required (e.g., airport transfers)
• Scheduling around other activities such as cruises and day trips
We’re open 24/7 so never hesitate to contact us with your inquiry whenever it suits you best!

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