Island Cruise

One Day in the Islands of Argosaronikos!

The cruise from Athens to Aegina, Hydra and Poros islands is a great experience for you to have while in Greece.

These 3 islands are very close to Athens and are an ideal one-day cruise .The beauty of Saronic Islands will make it memorable no matter your are a first timer in Greece,Newly Married on Honeymoon or just want to make a surprise gift to your mate.
The Saronic islands adventure starts. Get ready for views of extraordinary beauty.Beaches,authentic greek island scenery,houses,roads and many more are ready to be explored.The cruise will start in the morning.You will be received at the Port of Piraeus by the hostess.You can have a soft drink at the lounge or stay at the deck to watch the process of the departure.By the time the trip starts you will need to assemble to the main lounge where you will be given the necessary information for the islands and your stay on the ship during the cruise.

  • Hydra
  • Poros
  • Aegina
Two hours away is Poros, the smallest of the islands but very green and massive coastline.

Poros and Peloponnese Peninsula are devided by a narrow strait that makes it very rare view to see. The time you will stay in Poros is 50 minutes enough to explore its small streets and take photos.

Our next stop is at the port of Hydra, 1:15 minutes later. The island of Hydra is beautiful with stone houses trademark of the greek culture and paved streets. No vehicles are allowed,so walking,taking a bicycle,a donkey (another trademark of the island) or hiring a water taxi is the only way to move on it.All the above makes Hydra a unique island!

The stay time here is an hour and a half and when you return on the ship you will have lunch with tastes of Greek cuisine.
After two hours is Aegina, the largest of the islands.

Classical tour on Aegina (optional)

There is a guided bus tour on the island that takes you to the Temple of Athena Aphaia, one of the best preserved temples in Greece, which is built on a lovely hill and offers spectacular views to the entire island, as well as the Saronic Gulf and even Piraeus. On the way back to Aegina’s port you will make a short stop to the Byzantine Church of St Nectarius.

Panoramic tour on Aegina (optional)

The second option you have is the Panoramic Tour that will take you across the island to get an overview of the natural landscape. You will not get to see the archaeological site with this tour though. The tour will end with a stop by the seaside where you can enjoy a small meal with Greek meze dishes and ouzo!

NOTE. You can buy the tickets for both optional shore trips on board, so that you do not need to worry about it.

When you return to the cruise ship, do not think that the cruise is over. The crew of the ship along with dancers and singers will dress their original Greek costumes and offer you a Greek Traditional Folk Show on board, to animate you during the return to the Port of Piraeus. The main goal is to be entertained!

The cruise from Athens to Poros, Hydra and Aegina is one of the most popular cruise in Greece: elegant boats, delicious food, live music + dance on a superb voyage to three Greek islands near Athens. Get ready to sail!
The cruise ship sails early in the morning (8.15am) towards either Poros – Hydra – Aegina or Aegina – Poros – Hydra. Keep in mind that the itinerary and the duration of stay on each island cannot change and are not customizable.

With transfer pick up from Athens to/from the port: €109,- per adult
With transfer pick up from Athens to/from the port: €66,- per child (03-11)

N.B. Clients staying in hotels or a friends addresses and are not included in our pick up list, during the booking can choose the Arethusa Hotel, ideally located just next to Syntagma (Constitution) square and Plaka (old town of Athens) in 6 – 8 Mitropoleos street, street of the Athens Cathedral rite in the center of the city. Our guide will ask for you.

If you don’t require a pick-up,Athens One Day Cruise starts from the Port of Piraeus, or Trocadero Marina.

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